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ArtWorks SanDiego

ArtWorks San Diego is located in a fully-climatized 16,000 square foot warehouse, in the Kearny Mesa section of San Diego.

Telephone: 858) 279.4301
Fax: 858) 279.4302
Email: info@artworkssandiego.com

Wendell Eckholm, President: weckholm@artworkssandiego.com
Dustin Gilmore, General Manager: dgilmore@artworkssandiego.com
Erika Sobhani, Shipping Manager: esobhani@artworkssandiego.com
Cynthia Eckholm Legg, Registrar: ceckholm@artworkssandiego.com
Libby Kiser, Operations Coordinator: ekiser@artworkssandiego.com

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