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ArtWorks SanDiego

Providing for the safe storage of works of art -- whether in our warehouse for only a short period between transits or for extended long-term storage -- is one of the primary missions of ArtWorks San Diego, and a responsibility we take most seriously. When you turn over the care and custody of your treasured works to us, be assured that our state-of-the-art warehouse provides a secure, protected and environmentally sound home for your works.

Works are stored in a fully climate and humidity-controlled 16,000 square foot warehouse located in the Kearny Mesa section of San Diego. A UL-Certified central-station intrusion alarm, a newly installed sprinkler system, and UL-Certified heat and smoke detectors all ensure that works are protected to the highest museum standard. Each of our Museum-Trained Art Handlers use only the finest materials and Wrapping Methods to ensure that works given to us will be returned in exactly the same condition as they were when they came into the care and custody of ArtWorks San Diego.

  Packing & Crating Techniques
  Museum Trained Art Handlers

To discuss your upcoming project: Please contact us at info@artworkssandiego.com or call us at (858) 279-4301.

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