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ArtWorks SanDiego

Our Museum-Trained Art Handlers will handle and install your works with the utmost care and attention to aesthetic detail. We offer installation services in residential, museum and corporate settings.

Whether it is one work in an office or an entire residential design and installation, our installers will work to ensure that your works are not only safely secured with the same techniques and hardware used in the finest museums, but that also you are pleased with the final presentation of your treasured work.

We use the same hanging hardware that museums use in their galleries, and bring our own tools, ladders and even scaffolding if necessary. Earthquake-securing techniques are utilized when practical, and theft-resistant hanging hardware can be provided upon request.

ArtWorks San Diego can also facilitate the full-scale rigging of monumental sculptures, using cranes, forklifts and rigging gantries. The design and fabrication of pedestals and concrete footings is available through our hand-selected network of contractors.

To discuss your upcoming project: Please contact us at info@artworkssandiego.com or call us at (858) 279-4301.

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