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ArtWorks SanDiego

Hughes Marino
ArtWorks San Diego was part of the creation of this employee-friendly environment delivering and installing the artworks currently there.

Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego
Artworks is pleased to have contributed to the success of this "Phenomenal" exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego by transporting the artworks from Los Angeles.

As of March 1st 2012 Sunnylands will be open to the public. We are proud to be the official art handlers for this project and to have the chance to work with the Annenberg great staff

New Children's Museum
ArtWorks San Diego is a proud supporter of the New Children Museum. Its latest installation "Trash" is on view at the Downtown location. It has been installed by the Museum's and the AWSD's crew during approximately 6 weeks of tireless work.

Art San Diego
ArtWorks is official sponsor of Art San Diego. Please check the website for updated information about the event and the location.

Annenberg Foundation
The re-installation process at the Annenberg Foundation in Sunnylands has started. By the beginning of 2012 the new center will be ready and open to the public. The AWSD crew is working on-site taking care of un-packing and re-installing the artworks and the furniture. Check the website to plan your visit there in 2012!

James S. Copley Library
In coordination with Sotheby's, ArtWorks San Diego facilitates the packing, crating and shipping of a sampling of the collection.

At Sotheby's, Tracing the Lives Behind the Letters
The New York Times, Art & Design: By Edward Rothstein.

Sunnylands, Annenburg Foundation Trust
ArtWorks San Diego is working with the Annenberg Foundation Trust to re-locate its collection of art and antiques to the new facility at Sunnylands.

Niki de Saint Phalle Sculpture
View details of a Fine Art Installation we like to call "Moving a Monster". This Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture weighed in at a staggering 120,000 lbs. (~54431 kg.) and presented unique challenges to our seasoned professionals.

Certified Cargo Screening Facility
ArtWorks San Diego has been designated as a TSA-Approved Certified Cargo Screening Facility.

To discuss your upcoming project: Please contact us at info@artworkssandiego.com or call us at 858/279-4301.

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