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ArtWorks San Diego Sunnylands, Annenberg Foundation Trust
Sunnylands, Annenberg Foundation Trust02.23.10 - Fine Art, Furniture and Antiques

San Diego, Calif., 23-February 2010
ArtWorks San Diego is working with the Annenberg Foundation Trust to prepare the Sunnylands Estate– the famous residence of Walter and Lenore Annenberg – for its new role as an historical museum and conference center. The AWSD crew was onsite in Rancho Mirage for seven weeks, packing paintings, sculptures and antique furniture in preparation for major seismic renovations to the residence. In the Winter of 2011 the Sunnylands residence will open to public in conjunction with a new Annenberg Visitor Center, designed by Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects.

Read more below about Ambassador Walter and Leonore Annenberg, The Annenberg Foundation Trust, the history of the Sunnylands 200-acre Rancho Mirage estate where many United States Presidents have met other heads of state, and The newly constructed Annenberg Center which will provide public programs and educational exhibits.

  Sunnylands: http://www.sunnylands.org
  The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands: http://www.sunnylandstrust.org

Photo: Tang dynasty earthenware sculpture adjacent to atrium, Sunnylands
Photography by Graydon Wood, December 2006.

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