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ArtWorks San Diego James S Copley Library
James S. Copley Library02.24.10 - James S. Copley Library original manuscripts

San Diego, Calif., 24-February 2010
Under the watchful eye of Elizabeth Muller, vice president of Sotheby’s books and manuscripts department, this past December the staff of ArtWorks San Diego packed thousands of rare manuscripts and historical books – enough to fill 38 crates -- from the James S. Copley Library in La Jolla. These works were sent to Sotheby’s in New York City, where they were put on public view to build anticipation for auctions to be held later this year.

Read more about the James S. Copley Library collection and its historical significance in the New York Times and Sotheby's:

  New York Times: At Sotheby's, Tracing the Lives Behind the Letters
  Sotheby's: www.sothebys.com

Photo: President Lincoln’s message to George B. McClellan.
Photography Credits: Sotheby's, New York Times

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