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ArtWorks SanDiego

Works of art are most vulnerable during the time they are in transit - from one location to another, so the professionals at ArtWorks San Diego are trained to foresee and plan contingencies for almost any problems that might arise during the transit of your valued works. Whether the shipment is from one residence to another, or the work is traveling across the globe for inclusion in a museum exhibition, we will ensure that your work is tracked and handled with the utmost care at each step of the way.

Following the packing and crating of your works using appropriate packing materials and museum-approved crating methods, our staff plans the best method of shipment for your particular work. Works of art routinely travel by air, truck or ocean -- with each method offering its own advantages -- and the best method of shipment for your work will be discussed and approved by you before any bookings are made.

Domestic and international shipping is accomplished with the finest attention to detail to ensure the safety of works during transit.

To discuss your upcoming project: Please contact us at info@artworkssandiego.com or call us at 858/279-4301.

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