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Sculpture Maintenance

Sculpture Maintenance Services and Fine Art Shipping In San Diego

Outdoor sculptures are at risk of getting damaged due to dust, sunlight, and smog. Regular sculpture maintenance aids in preventing corrosion, oxidation, and other environmental damage to your monument. With our expert help, your sculpture will retain its value and beauty for a long time despite the harsh climatic conditions outside.

Our art handlers use de-ionized water, archival soaps, and sealants and wax to wash and seal sculptures' surfaces. However, we don’t deal with conservation services, but we connect our customers to leading conservation and restoration experts in the region. Having cleaned artworks for years, our crews have mastered all sculpture maintenance procedures.

We deliver sculpture maintenance services from surface cleaning to waxing and polishing steel, glass, ceramic, and bronze. Our team will service both indoor and outdoor monuments and remove graffiti on surfaces without tarnishing a wall. Contact us for referrals to fine art conservation service providers.

The artwork market is growing over the decades, with more people trading in these treasurable pieces. Moving paints and printings from one location to another need professional support due to the delicate nature of these pieces and value. Our experienced experts will keenly predict emergencies that might come up during fine art shipping in San Diego.

All our vehicles are insured and tracked to ensure the management keeps records while valuable treasures are on transit. Employees are conversant with carefully handling arts to avoid breaking or damaging them. We contract security personnel for courier and escort services and plane-side supervision and security.

We at ArtWorks San Diego have collaborated with transport companies to enhance fine art shipping in San Diego and promote customized handling of arts while in transit. Do you want to send fine art abroad? Well, we have you sorted with our international transit services through our global art shipping partners.

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